Top 10 places to visit in Coral Springs – Florida

By | April 30, 2017

If you are planning a vacation to Coral Springs and are unsure of what to do there, read on. This guide will provide you with a list of attractions and things to do in this city.

Broward Stage Door Theatre
If you have a free evening and want to have some fun, check out the Broward Stage Door Theatre. The theatre plays entertaining shows every night, so take the time to visit it while in town.

Coral Springs Museum of Art
This cool museum is yet another attraction you should not miss out on seeing while in Coral Springs. The museum features various permanent exhibits but also some temporary ones. More than this, you can enter for free.

Sawgrass Nature Center
If you love nature, take the time to visit Sawgrass Nature Center. The Nature Center offers the peace and quiet you may need, and the flowers and plants here will take your breathe away. Sawgrass Nature Center is open regardless of season.

Tall Cypress Natural Area
The city is rich in natural areas, so don’t forget to visit as many as you can. Tall Cypress Natural Area is one of the most important attractions here, and the fresh air of the trees will make you want to return again.

Monster Mini Golf
If you don;t know what to do during your family vacation, check out Monster Mini Golf. The center offers cool mini golf options for people of all ages, so grab your kids and visit it on a free day. The prices are affordable even to big families, and you can be sure your kids will have fun.

Florida Panthers IceDen
Maybe you want to see some cool ice skating performances, so go watch the Florida Panthers IceDen in action. If you are a fan of ice skating, there is nothing better to do on a free evening.

Coral Square
Are you searching for the perfect gift for yourself or someone back home? In that case, take the time to visit all the gift shops located in the city. Start your tour with the Coral Square, and you may be able to find a hidden treasure.

Painting with a Twist
If you want to develop your artistic skills, don’t miss out on the chance to create your own pottery items. Painting with a Twist is the perfect location to discover some new talents but also have fun.

Parrot Island Scuba Adventures
Maybe you are a fan of scuba diving, so take the opportunity to visit and enjoy Parrot Island Scuba Adventures. This cool place is the right location for both kids and adults who want to have fun in the water.

Regal Magnolia Place Stadium 16
Maybe you are in the mood for a good movie, and Regal Magnolia provides everything you need. The movie theatre offers a casual but also luxurious setting where you can spend some time with your friends. More than this, new movies are shown every week, so you will not get bored with the selection.