Top 10 places to visit in Eugene – Oregon

By | February 8, 2017

The beautiful city of Eugene has many gardens, parks and tourist attractions you might like to see. if you will take a trip there soon, check out the top 10 places to visit for a better idea.


Alton Baker Park

The Alton baker park is where locals and tourists alike go to spend a few hours enjoying the tranquil atmosphere. You can rent bikes here and go biking, or even try river activities like kayaking and fishing.


Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

The museum hosts impressive collections of international art, including Korean and Japanese. Some other art collections feature European and African works. In addition to this, the museum includes many seasonal and permanent exhibits for all guests to enjoy.


Hult Center for the Performing Arts

The Center is the place to go in order to see a ballet or opera performance, but also watch an art collection. The collections offered here will take your breath away, and many events are organized all throughout the year.


5th Street Market

It doesn’t matter what you are in the mood for buying, you can be sure to find it at the 5Th Street Market. The street offers numerous shopping opportunities, starting with food and ending with apparel. The Market is open until late at night, so you can enjoy a dessert here after being done with shopping.


Cascades Raptor Center

If you are a fan of birds and especially raptors, take the time to visit the Cascades Raptor Center for a few hours. You will get to see the most amazing birds in the rehab process, and learn more about endangered species.


Hendricks Park

This amazing park is full of flowers and plants, and makes for the perfect weekend destination. Take the time to experience the fresh air, or maybe read a book with a cup of hot coffee in your hand.


Museum of Natural and Cultural History

This extensive museum should be on your list of place to go during your trip. Here you will be able to see preserved fossils, as well as attend exhibits related to paleontology. The museum is open for self walks but also guided tours everyday.


Mount Pisgah Arboretum

If you have the time to go out of city, visit the gorgeous Mount Pisgah Arboretum area. This area contains the most beautiful fauna in the area, and hiking opportunities are also available here.


Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House

If you are a fan of historical mansion, go for a tour of the Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House. The mansion was founded in the 18th century, and nowadays is an important city attraction. The house contains numerous of the original clothing and decor that was used by the original residents.


The Science Factory

Are you a fan of science? In that case, make sure to check out the cool Science Factory. The museum is the place where exhibits related to science take place on a constant basis. In addition to this, the museum features an IMAX theatre that shows educational films.