Top 10 places to visit in Cary – North Carolina

By | December 29, 2016

If you plan to visit Cary anytime soon, take the time to read more about the 10 places to visit here. This Californian town will surprise you with all the attractions it offers.

Fred G. Bond Metro Park
This gorgeous park provides many opportunities for everyone who visits it. Here you can rent a boat and go boating on the river, explore the hiking opportunities or simply have a nature walk. The park also has recreational areas for kids.

Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve
The Nature preserve features a trail where you can bike on hike, but also a visitor center where you can see exhibits. This is the place to go for a morning run or simply walk when you want to be surrounded by nature.

Koka Booth Ampitheatre
This is the city’s main performing venue, and you can go here to attend a show whenever you have the time. There are many live performances, music concerts, and shows being organized here on a weekly basis.

Cary Arts Center
The Center offers arts and dance lessons for any visitor regardless of their age. in addition to this, the Center is located downtown which makes it easy to reach. The staff is friendly and organized, and the classes are arranged based on the students’ skill level.

Sri Venkateswara Temple
The Indian Temple is a sight you will not get to see often in North Carolina. Take the time to walk around it, take pictures and admire the amazing architectural design of this place.

Apex Community Park
The community park provides a good location for walks, but also morning runs and other outdoor activities. If you want to enjoy some peaceful moments, spend some time here in order to get energized and refreshed.

Chatham Hill Winery
If you have an interest in wine, consider visiting Chatham Hill Winery. The winery offers tours but also wine tastings, and includes a shop where you can buy the best varieties of wines in town. The place also includes an outdoor space where you can sit and enjoy your drink, as well as board games to keep you busy.

Phillips Farms of Cary
If you are interested in agriculture, pay a visit to the Phillips Farms of Cary. You will get the chance to see how strawberries and other produce are being grown, but also experience life on a farm. The Farms are open for group tours as well, so check out the schedule for detailed info.

WakeMed Soccer Park
Maybe you are a sports fan, so head over to the WakeMed Soccer Park for a game. The venue is the place where many soccer games are taking place, and includes a shop as well as restaurant where you can eat.

The Umstead Spa
Take the time to relax and get rejuvenated with a pampering massage or body therapy. A day spent at The Umstead Spa will leave you looking younger and more fresh. Some of the therapies offered here include couple massages, but also honey and chocolate body therapies.